There are a total of six class, two belonging to each tribe. All of them have a spirit transformation. Currently there are three melee classes; Fighter, Warrior, Assassin, and three ranged classes; Shaman, Archer, and Sorcerer.


The fighter is a melee class that excels at close range combat. Fighters trained in the ways of the natural world have become adept at tuning in to the energy that resides there, striking with echoes of elemental fury.
  • Class Type: Melee, Tanking.
  • Damage: Physical.


The assassin is a melee DPS class that excels at speed and quickness. Trained to leave only silent whispers and a faded memory of their existence, assassins have discovered the gateways into the invisible world, flying through the shadows with deadly celerity.
  • Class Type: Melee, DPS.
  • Damage: Physical.



The warrior is a melee class that excels at close range defensive combat. Hardened by the sweltering heat of their homeland, the warrior has been forged into a shield for the people, protecting all those around from the fires of avarice and conquest.

  • Class Type: Melee, (main)Tank.
  • Damage: Physical.


The shaman is a healer and support class that excels at aiding the injured while revitalizing themselves and others. Imbued with elemental powers, the shaman works with the forces and energy of nature to provide relief to those stricken by the wounds of war.


The sorcerer is a magic DPS and revival class that excels at long range combat. Having meditated throughout the blanketing cold of monotonous days, sorcerers have awakened a dormant energy that lies within – a powerful energy with the ability to alter the course of the future.
  • Tribe: Lunar Fox Tribe.
  • Class Type: Ranged, (main)Healer.
  • Damage: Magical.


The archer is a ranged DPS class that excels at long range combat. Archers trained upon the volcanic grounds of their homeland have developed a keen eye in order to persevere. In an inhospitable place in which almost nothing lives, the first to find the prey survives.