Lv 01-08 - Autumnal GroveBearbeiten

The last bastion of the Spirit Hare Tribe and one of the few remaining fertile places on the Southern Continent that has not been touched by war. The Glorious Shield gathers here to help the Spirit Hare Tribe resist enemy forces of the Northern Continent that come by sea. The Spirit Hare Tribe makes its home in the Forest Kingdom, where each region of the area represents one of the four seasons. in the Autumnal Grove, Priests guard the altar in Autumn Glade and maintain the harmony between people and nature. Recently, however, the winds of change seem to have made their way to the Bountiful Village in its quiet and peaceful corner of Autumnal Grove. It lends an unusual hue to this vast stretch of golden farmland...

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Lv 09-14 - Jade ForestBearbeiten

Warm and dazzling like its namesake, the summerlike Jade Forest gleams like polished Jade, and ever remains a jewel in the hearts and minds of its residents. Recently, strange mutations connected to the incursion by the North have been reported to the south in Spider Woods. The Priests guarding the altar in Summer Glade have since requested aid from the Glorious Shield in their investigation. Summer Glade also holds mystical energies accumulated from the forest. Its Guardian Priests have the ability to summon forth a warrior's Spirit Form. They sincerely hope that all brave soldiers of the Glorious Shield will come here to seek their guidance.

Jade forest

Lv 15-19 - Spring ValleyBearbeiten

The nature-loving Spirit Hare Tribe flourishes here in this valley laden with boughs of sakura blossoms, where a peaceful and laid-back lifestyle has long existed.

Many Spirit Hare hunters choose to spend their time here capturing and taming local monsters. The skillful become trainers and help beginners to quickly enter the fascinating world of pet-taming.

The water source of Spring Valley is Clearwater Spring to the northwest. It would appear that something unusual has happened to the spring. Downstream at the altar of Spring Glade, the priests are deliberating this latest turn of events.

Spring valley

Lv 20-24 - Frost ForestBearbeiten

A fierce battle rages between the Northern Alliance and the Glorious Shield in this woodland of withered trees.

Under the ruthless attacks of the enemy army, this bleak winter land has grown even more miserable. The cries of bereaved villagers, mournful calls of wandering ghosts, and earth-shaking shouts of battling troops blend to create a terrifying song.

Fortunately, Spring Jade City, the capital of the Spirit Hare Tribe, worked with the Glorious Shield and resisted the enemies in a fierce battle. The war, however, continues as both sides violently fight each other.

Frost forest