Gold kirin tribe


Gold kirin
Right now, the Gold Kirin Tribe consists of 2 Classes;

The Fighter, Shaman, and the Hunter.


The fighter is a melee class that excels at close range combat. Fighters trained in the ways of the natural world have become adept at tuning in to the energy that resides there, striking with echoes of elemental fury.
  • Class Type: Melee, Tank
  • Damage: Physical
  • Weapons: Sword, Katana, Gloves


The shaman is a healer and support class that excels at aiding the injured while revitalizing themselves and others. Imbued with elemental powers, the shaman works with the forces and energy of nature to provide relief to those stricken by the wounds of war.
  • Class Type: Long ranged spellcaster and healer
  • Damage: Magical
  • Weapons: Wand, Staff



The Hunter is a ranged damage dealer with a special ability to trap enemies. Deadly prowless with ranged weaponry and legendary proficiency with traps make for a natural born Hunter.

  • Class Type: Long Range Damage Dealer (DPS) and Trapper
  • Damage: Physical 
  • Weapons: Bows, Crossbows
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