Treasure Hunters​
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The Great Bear FistEdit

"We, the Great Bear Tribe doesn't have a fixed nation. We wander the world, collecting unique artifacts and treasures. I'm sure you know a treasure is something that is rare and difficult to obtain, so we formed the Great Bear Fist to allow others to take prat in our treasure hunts through quests."

"Every city in the world is covered with the footprints of our treasure hunters. The treasures that are dropped by creatures in the wild are the main targets of our collection. If you find any treasures we are seeking, then a reward can be earned after collecting a certain amount and giving it to us."


Level Name Monster Map Rewards
9 Poison spider fangPoison Spider Fang Corruptor (9) Jade Forest 634 XP + 47 C
10 Evil spirit treasureEvil Spirit Treasure Forestling (10) Jade Forest 816 XP + 58 C
11 Jade forest copper oreJade Forest Copper Ore Herald (11) Jade Forest 1025 XP + 71 C
12 Sea glow worm powderSea Glow-Worm Powder Sand Jellyfish (12) Jade Forest 1261 XP + 85 C
13 Jade forest conchshellJade Forest Conchshell Spiral Crab (13) Jade Forest 1319 XP + 88 C


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