Item Crafting is an in-game option available to all classes.

Every 5 level, starting from level 5, when the player is able to craft a level 10 weapon. Level 20 and above for artifacts. New weapons pop up in the item crafting option.

Item crafting

Above you see the Item Crafting menu of the Archer. As you can see you need a few Ingredients to make a weapon of your liking. Of course these Ingredients depend on your level, as well as on the level of the weapon you're trying to make.

When you level up you will notice you get more, but different weapons for the same level. This is to prepare you for the Class change later on. Decide early game what you want to become, so it becomes alot easier for you!

Item Crafting ListsEdit

This is still a W.I.P. (work in progress), so not everything is there yet. In Spirit Tales you also can't make every class, so some will miss out. If someone would like to help me get this complete, that would be nice.

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