Lunar fox tribe


Lunar fox
Right now, the Lunar Fox Tribe consists of 2 Classes;

the Sorcerer and the Assassin.


The sorcerer is a magic DPS and revival class that excels at long range combat. Having meditated throughout the blanketing cold of monotonous days, sorcerers have awakened a dormant energy that lies within – a powerful energy with the ability to alter the course of the future.
  • Class Type: Ranged, Healer.
  • Damage: Magical.
  • Weapons: Wand, Staff.


The assassin is a melee DPS class that excels at speed and quickness. Trained to leave only silent whispers and a faded memory of their existence, assassins have discovered the gateways into the invisible world, flying through the shadows with deadly celerity.
  • Class Type: Melee, DPS.
  • Damage: Physical
  • Weapons: Sword, Katana, Dagger.
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