Maned dragon tribe


Maned dragon
Currently, the Maned Lion Tribe consists of three classes;

the Archer, Warrior, and the Illusionist


The archer is a ranged DPS class that excels at long range combat. Archers trained upon the volcanic grounds of their homeland have developed a keen eye in order to persevere. In an inhospitable place in which almost nothing lives, the first to find the prey survives.
  • Class Type: Long ranged damage dealer (DPS)
  • Damage: Physical
  • Weapons: Bow, Crossbow.


The warrior is a melee class that excels at close range defensive combat. Hardened by the sweltering heat of their homeland, the warrior has been forged into a shield for the people, protecting all those around from the fires of avarice and conquest.
  • Class Type: Melee, (Main) Tank
  • Damage: Physical
  • Weapons: Warhammer, Polearm


With the ability to cast magical arrays, the Illusionist can defend their allies from enemy attacks and heal them with fire restorative abilities. They have the largest array of healing abilities among all of the classes.

  • Class Type: Ranged, Assistant Healer, Magic Damage Dealer
  • Damage: Magical
  • Weapons: Wands and Staffs
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