Nearly every in-game monster is capable of being captured, trained, and evolved, and this is not only limited to world monsters, but also dungeon bosses and rare event monsters. Pets captured in various parts of the world in this way will then grow and level up right alongside you. Pets can also aid you by fighting with you in battle, or by merging with you to bestow unique buffs specific to the pet.

Pet InterfaceEdit

Pet window

On the left, your Pet List is shown. You can keep a maximum of 3 pets with you, as well as 3 in the Pet Stable at the Pet Keeper.

Pet fuse

Merged with a Pet

As you can see, in the Stats part all of your pets' stats are shown, as well as their Battle- and Merge Skills. Battle skills will be active when you ask your pet to Fight with you. The Merge skills are active when you Merge with your pet. When you merge with your pet, a swirly circle will be around your waist in different colors.

When in Fight- or Merge mode you can always Recall them. This will put them back into the Pet List. When your pet has died in a fight, you need to Revive it. This costs money, so be careful.

Of course you can always name your pet, but you need a Pet Name Pen for it to do so.

Pet EvolutionEdit

An important aspect of gameplay to consider is that some pets are better suited to particular classes and personal play styles. In addition to leveling up your pet, you can strengthen your pet even more by using the “Pet Evolution System.”

How to UseEdit

  1. Open the Pet Menu (shortcut = F)
  2. Select “Main Pet”and click “Pet Evolving.”
  3. Select “Secondary Pet.”
  4. Click “Evolving.”

With your first evolution, your pet will become much larger and is likely to gain a star, becoming a one star pet. Unfortunately, your pet’s level will return to 1, but its overall growth will be improved. If you have a main pet that is of good aptitude and equivalent to the secondary pet, the growth of the evolved pet will be even better.

  • The main and secondary pets must be level 30 to be evolved.
  • The appearance of the evolved pet will be based on the main pet.
  • The resistance value after evolution will be the calculated by dividing the sum of the resistance values of the two pets.
  • Evolution can only occur between pets of the same star rating.
  • Pets’ skills will be randomly changed in accordance with the main and secondary pets after evolution and there is a certain chance that these skills will be leveled up. You may use items to retain specific pet skills.
  • The higher the star rating, the better the pet’s growth.
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