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Born and raised in the mountainous and forested kingdoms of the Gold Kirin Tribe, shamans, like fighters, grow up in harmony with nature and the elements. However, unlike the fighter, the shamans respect and reverence for the natural world resides not so much in its majesty, but in its ability to provide seemingly endless amounts of elemental powers, which when tapped and harnessed, provide healing energies far beyond the imaginable.

Class InfoEdit

The shaman is a healer and support class that excels at aiding the injured while revitalizing themselves and others. Imbued with elemental powers, the shaman works with the forces and energy of nature to provide relief to those stricken by the wounds of war.

Role: Healer and Magic Damage Dealer


Wand: Whether following an advance of forces, or roaming alone across vast lands, shamans that prefer the lightness of a wooden touch choose the wand. By choosing the wand, a shaman is able to benefit from the added defense of a shield, furthering their ability to protect those around them as well as themselves – becoming a beacon of sustainable hope on the battlefield.

Staff: Imbued with the true omnipotence of nature, shamans that prefer to rely solely on the unseen powers choose the staff. Alight with the brilliance and radiance of a ceaseless energy, a staff-bearing shaman boasts the enduring power of the sylvan grove, bringing the voice of verdant majesty to the seeds of destruction and chaos.


Strength ★ 
Agility ★ ★
Wisdom ★ ★ ★
Spirit ★ ★ ★ ★
Luck ★ ★


Shaman skills

Class AdvancementEdit

The Shaman can choose to advance to one of two classes - 

The healing Sage or the lightning specialist Mystic.

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