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Born and raised in the spiritual solitudes of the Snow Kingdom, the sorcerers of the Lunar Fox Tribe have dedicated their lives to contemplation, seeking to balance and utilize the untapped energies that lie at the heart of the cosmos – the beginning of creation. Infused with the potency of fire and ice magic, sorcerers have learned to harness these powers of creation, invoking their force to bring about miraculous changes in the world, and catastrophic damage to their enemies.

Class InfoEdit

The sorcerer is a magic DPS and revival class that excels at long range combat. Having meditated throughout the blanketing cold of monotonous days, sorcerers have awakened a dormant energy that lies within – a powerful energy with the ability to alter the course of the future.


Wand: Infused with the universal energies of the cosmos, sorcerers that prefer to hold the fate of the world in one hand choose the wand. By selecting the wand, a sorcerer is also able to use a shield, providing a means to protect them during battle while still enabling the conjuration of devastating spells that fall like brimstone from the primordial fires of creation.

Staff: Ingrained with the supreme power of creation, sorcerers that prefer to rely solely on the energies at the heart of the cosmos choose the staff. Imbued with an otherworldly and endless force, a staff-bearing sorcerer embodies the brilliance and origin of all things, breathing both life and death into the fabric of chaos.


Agility ★ ½
Wisdom ★ ★ ★
Spirit ★ ★ ½
Luck ★ ★


Sorcerer skills

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