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  • I live in the Netherlands
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is Freelance Digital Artist
  • I am Female

About me Edit

I'm an Admin for over 4 wiki's, and I contribute to at least 8 of them. I know how to do templates and other admin stuff, but for now I'll be focussing on monster pages and creating categories to make this wiki less of a mess :-) I will try to give it my all, and of course I expect nothing less of everybody else!

If any questions, just put them on my User Talk.


So far I just started Spirit Tales, so my character is still stuck in the first world. Which is okay, it seems, because this wiki doesn't have much information even on that. I'll be changing that >.>

Metalharpey Metalsama
Shaman Archer
Level 20 Level 9
Metalsan Empty Slot
Level 15

I don't know much of this game yet so I'm not focussing on the advanced things and all that, monsters and information on them is a good way to start.

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